Terra Haynes

Terra Haynes
Assistant Principal

I'm here for ya!

I am proud to be a Gregory Portland High School Assistant Principal.

I have been with the district for 24 years as a teacher, coach and administrator,
serving the alphabet letters P-Z.

Special emphasis areas: UIL, Odyssey Lab, Alternative Programs and At-Risk population.

Parents: There is a web site called Empoweringparents.com that is a great.  I will be updating it regularly with newsletters from this site. It has some very helpful information for parents dealing with teenagers and teen issues. Parents can actually go to the site and fill out a 5 question form and get articles that pertain to your particular needs.

This is a weekly newsletter dealing with parenting issues.  

Click on the picture below to read an example of an article from the website.  It is very helpful information.    

10 Ways to Motivate Your Child