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<Hello! I am very excited to be teaching at Gregory Portland High School this year! I will be teaching Chemistry and Earth and Space Science.>

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Chemistry course description

Chemistry is a math intensive science class that explains detailed concepts related to matter and energy. This is where the REAL science begins. Students will learn the “shorthand” of chemistry which involves useful mathematics, naming compounds, predicting chemical behavior, and how chemistry is applied in our society. This class involves both lecture and laboratory work so it will be important for students to be prepared for each class, take good notes, study daily, and complete assignments and labs on time. 

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Earth and Space Science course description 

This is a course focusing on the study of the Earth’s lithosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere and its celestial environment (space). Students will analyze and describe Earth’s interconnected systems and how they are changing due to natural processes and human influence. Topics covered include rocks, minerals, natural resource management, sculpting of Earth’s surface, plate tectonics, earthquakes, volcanoes, geological history, the atmosphere, weather, climate, history of astronomy, the solar system, stars, and galaxies

Supplies: Contact Information:
1. 3-ring binder Email:
2. Notebook paper Phone: 361-777-4251ext:6093
3. Scientific calculator (Chemistry)
4. Pen/Pencil
5. Internet access

Schedule:  Tutorial Schedule:
1st period: Conference M-F 7:30-8
2nd period: Chemistry M & Th: 3:35-4:30
3rd period: ESS
4th period: Chemsitry
5th period: ESS
6th period: ESS
7th period: Chemistry