Norberto Jimenez
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Welcome to Gregory-Portland High School.

I am Mr. Jimenez and instruct Algebra 1 & Pre-AP Algebra 1. 

*Graduate of University of Texas at Austin, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, and Naval Postgraduate School.
*Retired U.S. Navy (29 years). 

Contact Information:
361-777-4251, ext. 6202 ;

Class Schedule:

1st Period Pre-AP Algebra 1
2nd Period Algebra 1
3rd Period  Algebra 1
4th Period  Algebra 1
5th Period  Algebra 1

7th Period  Pre-AP Algebra 1


Supplies for Class:
-Spirals/Composition Books (for notetaking)
-Pencils (wooden or mechanical-NO PENS)
-3 ring binder with Dividers for storing class materials
-zipper pencil bag for storing writing materials, etc.
-TI 84 Graphing Calculator (homework and study).

Classroom Rules:
-Attend class and bring all work and supplies every day.
-Do everything to take ownership of your learning.
-Do nothing to keep others from learning.

‚ÄčTardy Policy:
-Sitting in your assigned seat waiting for the tardy bell to ring,
 anything other than that is a tardy when the tardy bell rings.  
-Excessive tardies result in ISS or Parent-Teacher Conference.

Grading Policy for Mathematics Department

A minimum of 15 different grades must be taken each nine weeks.  Students grades must be determined using the following percentages:

 40%  Daily Work (notes, participation, practice, and quizzes)

 40%  Major Tests

 20%  9 Weeks Tests
 100% of Grade


-Practice problems are given throughout the week and graded (for completion or for correctness)

-Late work/Make up work is accepted:  Late work must be signed by parent or guardian prior to acceptance. 

-Test Retake/Retest:  Each teacher allows for retesting for a failed test grade within 3 days after test grades are posted.  The failed grade will be replaced with the new test grade maximum of 100 . For Pre-AP classes, the failed grade will be replaced with a maximum of grade of 70.