Bill Schuetz
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Advanced Placement United States History is a college level course. The student will have the option of taking an exam to earn college credit in May 2014. If the student plans to take the AP Exam, they should prepare as the instructor directs. The student will be expected to do a significant amount of work on their own to be prepared for this exam.

Humanities is a course designed for students who are interested in competing in debate and UIL Academic contests.  The students will work independently with instructor direction.   Students are expected to attend tournaments and may qualify to state and national tournaments.

Grading Policy

All assignments are of equal importance.  Instructor will announce project grading.  Exams will count as two grades unless otherwise announced by the instructor.  Students can compute their grade by adding all grades and dividing by the number of grades.


Instructor will do tutorials before or after school.  Students can make special arrangements with the instructor.