Steve Bryson

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I was born and raised in Alice, Texas. I earned my bachelor's degree from Texas A&M University-College Station in 1993 and my master's degree from Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi in 2001. I am certified to teach secondary English and mathematics. I have been a professional educator since 1995. I am earnestly concerned about the education of all students. I believe all students can learn.

Phone # (361) 777-4251 ext. 6124


Class Schedule:      1st     English 4 Dual Credit
                               2nd    English 3
                               3rd    English 4 Dual Credit
                               4th    English 4 Dual Credit
                               5th    English 4 Dual Credit
                               6th    Conference
                               7th    English 3

Supplies: Students need a spiral notebook specifically for English only (not a multi-subject folder) and a pen (multi-colored ink pens would be a benefit) and a computer with a printer at home would be a benefit.  Students can bring a laptop or tablet to use instead of a notebook. A USB drive is optional for storage and may be a good idea for backup storage, but students should make use of their I Drives and Google Drive.

English 4 Dual Credit Fall Semester Syllabus

English 4 Dual Credit Spring Semester Syllabus

Classroom Rules:

    1. Be where you should be.
    2. Keep your hands to yourself.
    3. Make sure your speech matches the occasion.
    4. No throwing.

Grading Policy:

    English 4 Dual Credit:

The final course grade for Del Mar will be based on the following:

                                            Quizzes/Daily work    30%
                                            Final Exam    20%
                                            Essays    50%

Each Nine Weeks Grade for GPHS will be based on the following:

                                            Quizzes    20%
                                            Daily Work/Participation    30%
                                            Essays/Portfolios    50%
    English 3:

Each Nine Weeks Grade will be based on the following:

                                            Tests    30%
                                            Daily Work/Quizzes    20%
                                            Essays/Projects    50%

Tutorial Schedule:

MTWRF 7:40am-8:00am or by appointment