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    My name is Cameron Elmeier (El-Meyer). I teach World Geography and I coach Football  and Baseball here at G-P High School. I earned my bachelors degree from Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi in the fall of 2012.This will be the start my fourth year here at G-P. I am looking forward to the upcoming school year and all the opportunities it will afford. If ever you need to contact me you can reach me by email (email will probably be the best form of contact) or you can reach me at 361-777-4251 ext.6068

Online Textbook Log in <— Link for online textbook

1- Athletics
2- Conference
3- World Geography
4- Athletics
5- World Geography Pre-AP
6- World Geography
7- World Geography

Classroom Materials
Your Brain and the will to learn

In Class Materials
Textbook (Class set)
Samsung Tablets (Class set)

​Cell Phone Policy
In my classroom all cellphones will be put into the file cabinet at the front of the classroom upon entering the class. Any student caught with a cell phone out (unless otherwise directed by me) will have their cellphone picked up and sent to the office where they will have to pay the fee to get it returned.

General Syllabus
1st 9 Weeks- Unit 1&2
2nd 9 Weeks- Unit 3-5
3rd 9 Weeks- Unit 6-8
4th 9 Weeks- Unit 9&10

World Biomes Video Link: World Biomes Video