Vanessa Steele

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I will be teaching Aquatic Science and I am looking forward to meet the 2015 students and help them have an excited experience this year. Also, I coach the freshman volleyball team during fall and JV Tennis in the spring.
777- 4251 ext: 6089

Tutorials, Re-testing, Make-up Labs
M, W, Th 3:35- 4:15

Conference Period

Room 248



Aquatic Science is an upper level, yearlong science course.  Students study a variety of topics that include:

  • components of an aquatic ecosystem;
  • relationships among aquatic habitats and ecosystems; 
  • roles of cycles within an aquatic environment; 
  • adaptations of aquatic organisms; 
  • changes within aquatic environments; 
  • geological phenomena and fluid dynamics effects; 
  • and origin and use of water in a watershed.

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