Salena Pereida
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 Hello and welcome back to a new school year at Gregory- Portland High School. My name is Salena Pereida and I will be your child’s Technical Theater teacher this year. This is my fourth year as a part of the Gregory Portland Family. I am very excited about this upcoming school year and having the opportunity to work with your student. I am confident that together we’ll have a fun and productive year.


Class Schedule 2015-2016

1st Period- Theater Tech I
2nd Period- Theater Tech I
3rd Period- Theater Tech I
4th Period- Advanced Tech II-IV
5th Period- Conference Period
6th Period- Theater Tech II-IV
7th Period- Departmental Planning


Classroom Rules
Be Respectful
Be Responsible
Put in the Effort



Contact information
Work phone: (361) 777-4251 ext. 6003
* The best way to contact me is through email which I check daily.