Kayla Norris

Kayla Norris
Special Education Life Skills

Thanksgiving Luncheon - November 2013

I am extremely excited about this school year and look forward to working with the juniors and seniors.

  • This year we will have an emphasis on science, social studies, math, and reading as the core subjects. We will be doing hands on activities throughout the year. I encourage you to ask your students about all the exciting experiments we will be doing during our science units.
  • Each student's academic needs will be individualized based off of their IEP's and needs.
  • The vocational aspects the students will be experiencing are going to be individualized to their specific needs.
  • We will be working on a vast array of vocational/life skills experiences such as cooking, hygiene, money management, and banking skills.

Schedule as of 8/19/14- Seniors and Juniors
1st- Social Studies
2nd- Math
3rd- Reading
4th- Conference Period
5th- Science
6th- Personal Social Skills
7th- Vocational Practices

Classroom Rules:
1. Respect Others
2. Work Quietly
3. Listen Carefully
4. Work and Play Safely

Contact information
Work phone: (361) 777-4251 ext. 6015
E-mail: Knorris1@g-pisd.org
Conference period: 4th period 11:06- 11:59
* The best way to contact me is through email. I will check my email throughout the day.
 ** If you would like to visit the class or visit with me please schedule a time to meet. I would love to meet with you but I do need to plan a time best to meet around the activities of the classroom.