Frequently Asked Questions for Parents

Frequently Asked Questions for Parents

What do parents want to know?

If you have a question, please send me an email and I will find the answer and post to this page for future reference of parent that might have the same question.

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Question 1.  When do report cards come out for this year?
            October 31
            January 23
            April 3
            June 6

Question 2.  When is the Thankgiving Holiday?
            Monday - Friday, November 21-25

Question 3.  When is the Christmas Holiday?
            Early Release in afternoon of Friday, December 16
            Monday - Friday (2 Weeks) -  December 19 - 30
Question 4. When is the Spring Break?
            Monday - Friday, March 13 - 20

Question 4. When is the last day of school?
Early release on Thursday May 25

Question 5.  When is Graduation?
            Friday, May 26

Question 6.  When are early release days?
            October 10, 
            December 16, 
            February 27
            May 27


Question 8. Holidays other than Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break?
September 5 - Labor Day

Question 9. Teacher Workday - Student Holiday?
January 16,
            April 14 (Comp Day),

Question 10.  Are missing assignments listed in Skyward, really missing?
            In most cases, no.  Some teachers like to list the assignment so that students and parent will know that it is going to be counted as a grade.  It may be listed as a future assignment that will be recorded at some point later.  Some teachers wait until the majority of students have completed the assignment before entering it into Skyward - the grading program.  Skyward automatically puts it in as "Missing" if a number is not entered, but it does not necessarily mean that it is missing.  Normally, when an assignment is truly missing, a 0 is then entered.