Nurse - Rhonda Morales


Welcome Wildcats to 2012 

 This is cold and flu season so I want to remind everyone your best defense is the flu shot and frequent hand washing!

Parents:  It is very important to periodically check your child's immunization record and make sure they are up to date.  Several physician's offices are requiring a shot record to review prior to your child being seen.  I can provide you with a copy of your childs record.  I recommend you contact me a day prior to th appointment so all will go smoothly at the Dr's office.

All medication at school (including over the counter medication) must be kept in the nurses office.  A parent must provide medication in it's original container and sign a permission slip.
Thank you for your assitance  in following the district policy.

I look forward to assisting G-PHS students and parents in the coming year.
Feel free to contact me with questions or concerns.
361-777-4251 x6039